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There is almost no limit to the range of products that can be produced with modern plastics. Such a diverse material calls for a diverse array of coding and labelling solutions. Extrusions, flexible packaging, injection moulding; no matter what, Reynolds has delivered solutions to code, mark, label and trace.


With the massive range of different plastics with their different characteristics, Reynolds can deliver solutions optimised for your specific products and production line, backed up with the best service and support in the business.


What our customers say:

Reynolds are always there when we need them.

Oliver Jensen, Engineering Manager, Sistema

Case Study - Injection Moulding

Most people assume products like plastic storage containers would not be economic to manufacture in New Zealand. Sistema Plastics has not only proven that assumption wrong, but continues to go from strength to strength, exporting their high quality products around the world. Operating a highly automated manufacturing facility, Sistema needs to label a huge range of products of all shapes and sizes, and cannot afford any downtime in their rapidly growing business.

What We Did

Reynolds supplied Avery Dennison ALS labelling heads, which due to their very compact and flexible design enabled Sistema to integrate them easily into their highly automated production lines. Having supplied initial advice and worked closely with Sistema on early installations, Sistema’s engineers now take care of all integration themselves.

The Results

Sistema have now installed more than 70 Avery Dennison labellers in their plant, and continue to add more each year. Sistema Engineering Manager Oliver Jensen says, “There is nothing that can touch the Avery labellers for reliability and flexibility. We are constantly trying radical new product ideas, and the Avery’s always deliver the results.”

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