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Packaging is a big category; everything from glass, to plastics to paper and card. Whether you manufacture packaging materials, process materials into value-added packaging products, or are an end-user of packaging in your own manufacturing processes, Reynolds has solutions for every application.


Because the possibilities with modern packaging materials are practically endless, Reynolds’ engineering team is constantly coming up with innovative new solutions for handling, coding, labelling and tracking new packaging products.


What our customers say:

The after sales care was and still remains awesome, probably the best I have ever experienced.

John Park, Quality Services Manager, O-I Glass

Case Study - Glass Packaging

Manufacturing in excess of two million bottles daily, our customer required comprehensive coding solutions as part of their quality control process, ensuring every bottle can be tracked and traced. Making things difficult were the extreme conditions – huge furnaces pumping out hot glass bottles which need to be coded as soon as they are formed. Other providers had attempted solutions without real success, and the customer turned to Reynolds to see if we could succeed where others had failed.

What We Did

Reynolds supplied both CIJ inkjet and laser coding solutions from Linx. A lot of careful analysis and planning was required to ensure not only a cost-effective solution, but one that would be reliable in the tough environment. A strong working relationship was forged through many meetings and planning sessions.

The Results

Objective achieved: 2 million hot glass bottles per day reliably coded. What is more, the customer reported an astounding 97% drop in maintenance costs related to product coding within 6 months, across all production lines. You really can’t ignore a number like that.

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