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Building Materials

Reynolds is a major supplier of product traceability and marking solutions to manufacturers of construction materials. From concrete to high-tech timber laminates, drainage pipe to roofing tiles, Reynolds has delivered reliable, cost-effective solutions to practically every part of the industry.


In-house component tracking, batch coding and dating, barcoding, metre and pattern marking, branding and decoration; you name it, Reynolds does it, and does it reliably in some of the toughest manufacturing environments you will find anywhere.


What our customers say:

The Reynolds service crew are very reliable and provide informative solutions and positive outcomes to any issues that may arise.

Chris Osborne, Maintenance Service Manager, JNL Masterton.

Case Study - Construction Materials

The customer, a large scale manufacturer of engineered timber products for the construction industry, has a demanding production schedule that must be met. Continuously coding huge lengths of heavy timber moving at speeds approaching 200 metres per minute, day after day, is a challenge. When you use coding ink by the 200 litre drum, you know there is some serious production throughput happening.

What We Did

Reynolds installed large-character coding systems from Matthews, due to their high performance, extreme ruggedness, and ability to deal with the high speeds involved. Reynolds supplied it’s own FMS ink supply system, delivering high reliability and the ability to deal with the massive volumes of coding involved. The customer has been a part of Reynolds Uptime service programme for many years, receiving regular pro-active service visits to ensure the on-going reliability of the solution.

The Results

The Matthews coding solution just keeps on coding, year after year. The customer could not be happier with Reynolds service response and support levels, and appreciates the value that the Uptime service programme has provided them.

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