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Robots in Education

cobots-in-educationUR3_Touch_Screen_Hand_02The rapid rise of co-working robots (“cobots”) was spearheaded by Universal Robots of Denmark. UR cobots are not only used across all areas of manufacturing, but are also finding their place in education. Cobots are used in high-schools, universities and technical colleges around the world to introduce students to automation technology. With UR cobots students can master programming in minutes and learn through quickly developing real-world robotics applications.

Universal Robots provide an enormous wealth of training and support materials for learning with UR cobots. Check out this blog post for an example of how UR cobots are being used to bring automation technology literacy to students.

Reynolds offers extra-special pricing to schools and universities for UR cobots, and can supply complete kits including modular building systems for constructing grippers and effectors. Robots are also available on a lease or rent-to-buy basis.

Automation skills are rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand skill sets for industry. Contact Reynolds to find out how little it can cost to have advanced automation technology in your learning environment.

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Extra-special deals on UR cobots for educational institutions