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Linx launch new 60 watt laser

LX3305It takes something special to overcome the challenge of printing high quality codes onto ultra-fast packing lines with difficult to mark substrates. The new Linx CSL60 laser does just that.

Incorporating a powerful processor and 60 watt laser tube with Linx’s unique Visicode system, you can now rest assured that all industry compliance requirements will be met with the CSL60’s ability to produce crisp, clear codes on difficult-to-mark materials such as glass and PET at high speeds. With the introduction of an advanced processor into the laser’s design, messages from the control unit to the marking head are able to be relayed instantly, ensuring your line speeds remain unaffected, and allowing up to 70,000 packs per hour to be marked.

With complete IP65 protection available for the laser head and controller, your fully integrated system can now remain unmoved during wash down to reduce downtime.
Just as important are the 25 different head and lens options, enabling over 16,000 combinations of lens, marking heads and tubes – the widest choice in the industry. This customisation also allows each laser to run at its optimum power levels, helping extend the life of the equipment and giving the CSL60 laser the flexibility to fit your exact requirements. The CSL60 is designed with easy installation in mind, even where space is at a premium. The intuitive LinxVision touch screen allows your operators to quickly and easily create and select messages.

As always with laser technology, no consumables are required, bringing down your running costs significantly and removing downtime for refilling and cleaning. The air-cooled operation further reduces your costs as no ancillary air cooling or factory air is required.

The brand new CSL60 laser from Linx is the cutting edge in marking technology. Contact the helpful team at Reynolds Group today to find out more.