Reynolds Group Ltd


Reynolds supplies a complete range of consumables for all our solutions. We are also the Preferred Partner in New Zealand for Armor Imaging Supplies, the #1 global supplier of thermal transfer ribbon products.

Thermal Ribbon
Full range of thermal transfer ribbons for all printers
We import thermal transfer printing ribbon and printing foils directly from the pre-eminent global manufacturer and distribute them in New Zealand under our own private label, ensuring best quality and great prices.
Within the range of RGL thermal printer ribbons are flat head, near edge and corner edge specifications of all types, including Wax, Wax/Resin, Pure Resin, and specialty foils.
All our ribbons include a special back coat that prevents static electricity from damaging thermal printheads and also acts as a cleaning agent. This is an area where inferior ribbons let you down and cost you money, and that’s why Reynolds “puts our money where our mouth is” and provides reliability guarantees on printhead life when you use our ribbon in combination with our Uptime reliability programme. Our ribbon really is that good, and that dependable. 


  • Full range of flat-head and near-edge ribbons for every application.
  • Premium quality product; Armor is the #1 supplier to OEM’s worldwide.
  • For resellers, Reynolds can supply ribbon branded to your requirements.
  • Full application trialling and testing services.
  • Short-length sample rolls available for your own in-house testing.
Wide range of blank label stock for print & apply applications
  • Complete range of blank labels for all applications.
  • Wide variety of label stock and adhesive options.
  • Stock and custom sizes available.
  • Your one-stop-shop. Reynolds supplies the equipment, labels and ribbon for a guaranteed solution.
Reynolds supplies a one-stop-shop solution for your labelling needs, especially for print-and-apply solutions. We carry a wide range of blank labels, including labels specifically for GS1-128 carton labelling requirements, as well as every other application you can imagine. Reynolds can also supply RFID labels to work with our RFID capable label printer-applicators.

By purchasing your equipment, labels and other consumables form a single source you get convenience and guaranteed performance. Contact us today to see how we can help with your labelling needs.  
Inks and Solvents
Inks for every application
Our inks and solvents are formulated specifically for use in Linx and Matthews ink jet printer printers, to ensure high reliability and excellent performance in terms of adherence and resistance.

Extensive performance and reliability testing during development assures full printer compatibility and reliability, and because Matthews and Linx manufacture their inks and solvents themselves in modern manufacturing plants they can ensure strict adherence to specification.

A huge range of substrate, process indicating and coloured inks are available. 


  • Genuine Linx & Matthews consumables. Linx & Matthews manufacture all inks and solvents in-house; if it’s not Linx or Matthews brand then it’s not tested and approved for use in their printers.
  • Very wide range of inks available for every application.
  • Dye and pigment based inks, food grade, thermochromic, alkali removable…we have them all.
  • Comprehensive testing services available to find the optimum ink type for your application.
Ink Flasks
Cleaning & Safety Products
For long life and safe operation of your equipment
  • High quality print-head and roller cleaning buds for easy maintenance.
  • Chemical-resistant wash bottles.
  • Adhesive solvents and removers.
  • Specialist lint-free wipes.
  • Spill control kits.
  • Safety Data Sheets available for all products.
Cleaning Buds
We import thermal printer cleaning products direct from the manufacturer and distribute them in New Zealand under our own private label meaning you receive the best quality product at the best price.
Our printer cleaning products are pre-loaded with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and because of thoughtful packaging design they are safe and easy to store, handle, and use. In fact, cleaning your label printer, card printer, or vending machine has never been so simple or cost effective!

A nice value-add is that we can supply our thermal printhead cleaning buds in food grade tins making storage hygienic, promoting accessibility and encouraging the use of the cleaning buds, which does save money! Also within the cleaning range are adhesive air dusters, wash-bottles, label adhesive solvents and special lint free cloths that protect all of our technologies against the induced problems of insidious tissue fibres.