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Reynolds robotics, a huge success at EMEX 2018

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Reynolds would like to thank all our visitors who had the opportunity to support us during this event. Read more

Successful first day at EMEX.

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EMEX 2018
EMEX 2018
EMEX 2018
Click here to see our EMEX 2018 Gallery Read more

Year of the Robot

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Reynolds Group were proud volunteers at Vex Robotics National’s Competition in February. Read more

Case Study – Southwood Export Ltd

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Southwood Export Limited (SWEL), a New Zealand company, has been operating since 1985 and is a leader in processing of plantation timber. SWEL had increasingly been experiencing problems with metal contamination at their Bluff chipping plant, with bullets, metal stakes, barbed wire, bolts and more embedded in the wood. Supplying export pulp and paper markets, SWEL could not afford to have metal contamination in their product.

After a major incident SWEL realised it needed to act quickly. After approaching a number of vendors SWEL selected a Sesotec DLS metal detection solution from Reynolds Group. SWEL needed to detect metal fragments down to the size of a 10 cent coin, with the wood chip 350mm deep moving on the conveyor at 190 metres per minute, in the open air, 8 metres above the ground. With a constantly variable climate, that can range from high heat and direct sunshine through to sub-zero blasts direct from Antarctica, it was clear no ordinary metal detector would do the job, which is why the Sesotec DLS was selected.


Plant Manager Ross Best, who has worked with a lot of metal detection systems, says he selected the DLS both for its strong design features, and for the support capability of Reynolds Group. “It was a bit more expensive than some other products on the market but not out of touch. I like the IP rating, stainless design, 360 degree detection and the repeatability of detection. I also found the staff on board very approachable and easy to deal with”, said Ross.


Given the installation at height, the ability to disassemble and then reassemble the DLS around the existing conveyor without any cut-in or modifications was a big selling point. The IP67 rating, solid stainless steel construction, and advanced signal processing to deal with the fluctuating environment meant the DLS was one of the few units up to the task.


Ross has been very pleased with the performance of the DLS, “The unit we purchased has been a very reliable unit compared to others I have experienced in the timber industry. Once tuned it has very few trips where we do not find anything and works well at any tonnage rate or timber moisture content and because of the 360 degree detection it doesn’t matter where the contamination is in the product.”


For more information on Sesotec metal detectors and x-ray inspection solutions contact Reynolds Group.

Linx launch new 60 watt laser

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LX3305It takes something special to overcome the challenge of printing high quality codes onto ultra-fast packing lines with difficult to mark substrates. The new Linx CSL60 laser does just that.

Incorporating a powerful processor and 60 watt laser tube with Linx’s unique Visicode system, you can now rest assured that all industry compliance requirements will be met with the CSL60’s ability to produce crisp, clear codes on difficult-to-mark materials such as glass and PET at high speeds. With the introduction of an advanced processor into the laser’s design, messages from the control unit to the marking head are able to be relayed instantly, ensuring your line speeds remain unaffected, and allowing up to 70,000 packs per hour to be marked.

With complete IP65 protection available for the laser head and controller, your fully integrated system can now remain unmoved during wash down to reduce downtime.
Just as important are the 25 different head and lens options, enabling over 16,000 combinations of lens, marking heads and tubes – the widest choice in the industry. This customisation also allows each laser to run at its optimum power levels, helping extend the life of the equipment and giving the CSL60 laser the flexibility to fit your exact requirements. The CSL60 is designed with easy installation in mind, even where space is at a premium. The intuitive LinxVision touch screen allows your operators to quickly and easily create and select messages.

As always with laser technology, no consumables are required, bringing down your running costs significantly and removing downtime for refilling and cleaning. The air-cooled operation further reduces your costs as no ancillary air cooling or factory air is required.

The brand new CSL60 laser from Linx is the cutting edge in marking technology. Contact the helpful team at Reynolds Group today to find out more.

Sesotec Launch EX1 X-Ray Unit

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Sesotec have recently launched their new RAYCON EX1 X-ray inspection system, an “entry level” model that is a break-through in price & performance. Easy to use and based on the same advanced software platform as the rest of the RAYCON range, the EX1 is especially suited for the “end of line” inspection of packed products up to 200mm width and 120mm height.


Sesotec Singapore General Manager Tan Tong-Liang, and Reynolds CEO James Booth, with the new RAYCON EX1 at Interpack, Dusseldorf.

Sesotec Singapore General Manager Tan Tong-Liang, and Reynolds CEO James Booth, with the new RAYCON EX1 at Interpack, Dusseldorf.

With its minimal installation length of only 800 millimetres, easy-clean and toolless rapid-change belt system (change a belt in less than 60 seconds), hygienic rating for wet applications, and advanced connectivity capabilities, the RAYCON EX1 system can be easily integrated into existing packing lines without major disruption or expense.


While compact and very low cost, the EX1 provides high detection accuracy for contaminants such as stainless steel, glass, or stones starting from a size of 0.6 millimetres. The system features easy integration, operation, maintenance, and cleaning.


With the EX1, small to medium size companies that have had difficulty with the higher capital investment of X-ray technology can now obtain all the benefits of X-ray inspection without the substantial price difference when compared to traditional metal detection technology.


For more information about the RAYCON EX1, or any of Sesotec’s other X-ray and metal detection systems, contact Reynolds Group.


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Co-Working Robots – the Future

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Here’s a great short video from Wired about the challenges of robots interacting with humans, and the way these are being addressed. Here at Reynolds Group we are finding the applications for Universal co-working robots practically endless; don’t be surprised to find yourself working next a robot some time soon!


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Novexx Launch New Products at Interpack

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Novexx have this week released two new products at Interpack, the worlds largest packaging related trade fair.
The new ALS272 high speed labeller is the latest addition to the acclaimed ALS series, and is specifically designed for high-speed application of smaller labels (up to 2″ wide) typically in applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, on-line web applications, and dressed timber. The ALS272 can run at speeds up to 70 metres per minute, dispensing around 1,000 labels in 90 seconds.
Utilising the same proven design of the ALS2 series, the ALS272 incorporates a push-pull double drive system, enabling super-accurate placement of small labels at very high speeds.
Also released at Interpack is the new XLP506 desktop label printer, which expands the XLP range to include 6″ print width, perfect for larger labels, such as pallet labels and shipping labels.
Shown above is the new ALS272 label applicator.
Shown at right at the Novexx Interpack stand are, from left to right, Geert Jan Kolkhuis Tanke (Director Product Management, Novexx Solutions), Kläri Schelhowe (Marketing Manager, Novexx Solutions), James Booth (CEO, Reynolds), Andreas Thiemann (Technical Competence, Novexx Solutions), and Chris Layton (Business Development Manager, Reynolds).
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Chemical Packers Selects Impresstik

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Impresstik VAC

Chemical Packers Ltd is a specialist contract manufacturing and packing company based in Auckland and operating nationwide. They produce a wide range of products for different industries such as adhesives, industrial and household cleaning products, automotive products and agricultural products.

Chemical Packers recently took delivery of a new Impresstik 2001VAC to deal with their rapidly growing volumes. Managing Director Paul McCormack says, “We have a number of different labelling machines but the Impresstik is by far the best.”


Chemical Packers undertook extensive research before committing to their new labelling system, including a trip to Australia to the Impresstik factory to see for themselves. Needless to say, they were impressed. “The build quality is excellent. You can tell just by looking at the machine that it is a precision instrument”, says Paul. “Also the ease of use and really fast setup. As a contract packer this is key to minimising machine changeover times.” The Impresstik has proven so versatile and quick and easy to set up, Chemical Packers now routinely do very short runs that in the past would have been labelled by hand, and of course the finished result beats hand labelling every time.


Of Reynolds Group, Paul has been totally impressed, “From the first sales contact to the last training session and beyond, the team are always looking to provide a superior product to guarantee a happy and productive customer. It may be the first Impresstik we have bought but I guarantee it won’t be the last!”

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Reynolds Now Universal Robots Integrator

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Reynolds is now a recognised Solution Integrator for Universal Robots. UR are the world’s leading innovator of collaborative robots (“cobots”), the next generation in robotic technology. UR robots are designed to work alongside people, automating repetitive or awkward tasks, in a highly flexible manner. UR robots can be rapidly redeployed for any manner of task, and are often used as an “extra pair of hands”.


While traditional industrial robotics focuses on raw speed and performance, and requires significant engineering in installation and safety guarding, UR robots can work alongside humans in many applications without the need for safety cells. The robots are able to sense contact with external objects and react appropriately, meaning they really can be used right alongside staff. The simple and versatile teaching system makes setting up UR robots to conduct new tasks fast and easy. Also, the UR range is well priced, making flexible robotic automation available to businesses when it was previously cost-prohibitive; investment paybacks can be amazingly short!


If you would like to find out more about the UR range and how Reynolds can help improve your productivity and bottom line, contact us today!

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